American Constitutionalism: Powers, Rights, and Liberties

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An innovative new casebook for the teaching of constitutional law in political science, history and law. American Constitutionalism provides generous excerpts from landmark and recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions, while placing those materials in political and legal context and providing students with the analytical tools for examining those decisions. The casebook is distinctive in providing extensive materials from sources beyond the U.S. Supreme Court that are also essential to understanding the American constitutional tradition and in situating materials within a broader historical and political environment. The one-volume editions covers government structures and powers and rights and liberties. This volume offers an abridgement of the two volumes supported by an extensive web supplement of additional materials and tools for instructors and students.

Oxford University Press
New York

Praise: "American Constitutionalism marks a new age in the teaching of constitutional law. After using this text, I can't imagine teaching constitutional law any other way." - Julie Novkov, University at Albany, State University of New York

Praise: "This is a major achievement--a gold-standard teaching tool doubling as a penetrating account of the development of constitutional rights and liberties in America."--Ken I. Kersch, Boston College

Praise: "An important and refreshing challenge to the traditional case method of teaching constitutional law." --Jason Pierceson, University of Illinois Springfield